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As consumers, we’re all afraid of paying too much for a product that doesn’t deliver or using a service that isn’t done right. How do you know who to trust? Reputation. Super Standard Heating & Air Duct Cleaning was built on the foundation of getting what you pay for and understanding the value of doing things right the first time.

Super Standard Heating

Our technician is one of the most professional experts in the lower mainland who trained / taught other people to become a technician. Over the last 15 years he has completed over 14,000 residential and commercial services, with no complaints. We are very proud for what he’s accomplished over the years.

Everything we’ve installed and serviced has our contact information so that our customers can get in touch with us day or night, 24 hours a day. No answering machines, an actual person. That’s Super Standard quality.

Super Standard Heating & Air Duct Cleaning has been providing top quality products and service for over 15 years. With highly trained professionals and top of the line products, our name and reputation stands for honesty. Trust Super Standard Heating to keep your family safe, healthy and comfortable.

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