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3 Simple Ways to Boost Indoor Air Quality

Posted By : Super Standard | Posted Date : 17 March, 2022

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Do you ever consider how safe the air in your house is? Did you know that in some cases, indoor air pollution is just as harmful – if not worse – than outside pollution? Pollutants in the air might range from impurities carried in by your pets from outside to deadly gas leaks. Carbon monoxide is a frequent air contaminant produced when natural gas is not properly burnt and leaks into your home.

For all your air duct cleaning in Surrey, give the guys at Super Standard Heating & Air Duct Cleaning a call! They are experts in providing the best high-quality solutions for all of your heating, cooling, and indoor air quality needs.

They are one of the most reputed air duct and cleaning companies serving Coquitlam. They provide a one-stop shop for all your needs concerning air duct cleaning service, heating, furnace and boiler, and indoor air quality. Let’s explore simple and easy ways that can help you to boost your indoor air quality and minimize the presence of potentially harmful chemicals.

Tips to boost the indoor air quality with ease

Making an effort to enhance indoor air quality can help you avoid asthma attacks and allergy symptoms, as well as keep you breathing comfortably throughout the winter. While it’s unlikely that all allergens can be eliminated from your house, you may limit their quantity and your exposure to them by making a few simple changes. Here are some techniques for improving indoor air quality and, ideally, alleviating allergy symptoms.

• Changing the filter in your central air unit is likely to get lost in the shuffle with everything else you have on your plate. To keep track of when it’s time to change your filter, make a recurrent event on your phone for the first of every month. This will serve as a reminder to check your filter once a month to see whether it needs replacing.

• Your air conditioner filter isn’t the only item working to keep the air in your house clean. Check the filters in your other household appliances if you truly want to enhance the air quality in your home. Vacuum cleaners, dryers, and kitchen vents should all be inspected and serviced regularly. Cleaning or replacing these popular home filters every few months is suggested.

• To make their homes smell nice, many people use candles or air fresheners. These may contain chemicals that can contaminate the air you breathe. If you enjoy the warmth of burning candles, make sure to choose soy or beeswax-based items. Using unscented cleansers and laundry detergent is recommended.

With these tips, you can easily boost indoor air quality. You can opt to have air duct cleaning done in surrey to get improved air quality inside your home.

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