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7 Ways to Stop the Dirt at Your Door

Posted By : Super Standard | Posted Date : 21 June, 2018

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Dirt creates an unhygienic environment in your home; therefore, you should prevent it from getting in. It may be seem impossible to restrict the dirt’s entry in your home, but you can control it to a large extent.

Here are some easy ways to restrict the dirt at your doorstep.

Restrict footwear in Your Home

You should make your home a footwear free zone. You should put a rack for shoes, sandals, slippers, and loafers near the door and stick a beautifully written message requesting everybody to use that rack at the door.

Restrict The Free Movement Of your Pet

If your pet moves inand out throughout the day, then you should curb its free movement. Otherwise, there is no benefit of requesting people to remove their shoes on the door, your pet will carry dirt, dust, and germs with its paws. Take your pet with you outside the door, and before getting into the home, clean their paws properly and then let them in.

Keep A Doormat

You should keep a doormat on the entrance. Request everybody to wipe their feet on the doormat after removing their footwear. If any dirt or dust particles are stuck on their feet, then they will be removed. An important point regarding the doormat- you should select high-quality doormat that is feet-friendly and easy to clean.

Clean the Doormat

You should clean the doormat once a week. You should replace the dirty doormat with a clean doormat and then wash it. Then, the following week, you should replace that doormat with the washed one.

Keep Your Doors And Windows Close

If you keep your doors and windows open, then you cannot stop the dirt and dust to enter your home. Dust particles enter your homethrough the open doors and windows -so as much as possiblekeep the door and windows closed. To ensure the entry of natural light in the home, you can use high-quality glass windows, so that natural light can come in without carrying pollutants with them.

Have The Air-ducts cleaned

Dirty air ducts can create a dirty environment in your home. Despite having done everything to protect your home from dirt and dust, you will have to inhale polluted air if the air ducts have become dirty. So, get them cleaned once a year with a professional duct cleaning services provider.

Use Air-purifiers

You should use air-purifiers that will absorb all the dust, dirt, and air pollutants present in the inside air and make the air clean to breathe in.

By implementing these suggestions, you can provide your family with a healthy environment to live in.

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