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Four Signs of Hot Water Tank Failure

Posted By : Super Standard | Posted Date : 20 April, 2019

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As winter has begun and the water in your taps feels freezing cold now, you will be using your hot water tankmore. Because, like other machines, your hot water tank is vulnerable to failure, you should know the initial indications of hot water tank failure so that you can avoid a failure and the resulting chilly showers.

Learn four signs indicating hot water tank failure here:

Takes Too Long

If your hot water tank is taking more time than it would normally take, it is an warning sign for you that it requires maintenance or repair – over time, either your hot water tank will begin to leak, or it will stop functioning. You can however easily avoid these problems and get like-new performance from your hot water tank by getting your water tank flushed, because mineral deposits built up in the tank are the likely reason behind the problem.

Strange Noises

Strange noises coming from your storage hot water tank also indicate mineral deposits buildup in your hot water tank. Minerals produce these strange noises while creating a sediment layer on the water tank surface because of air in the sediment layer. First, you should try flushing, but if that does not work, then there may be a severe problem with the unit, and your hot water tank may need replacement soon.

Cloudy Water

Cloudy water coming from the tap implies that mineral deposits are travelling out. The water will smell and taste metallic. If the water is cloudy orange or reddish, then your hot water tank’s pipes or house pipes have become rusty. Temporarily, you can avoid the problem by filtering the water, but over time you should fix it permanently.

Water Leaking from The Tank

The water may be leaking either because of mineral deposits on the tank surface or because of corrosion within the water tank. If the water is leaking from the temperature pressure relief valve, commonly known as TPR valve, this may be because of overheating or overly high pressure inside the tank. You should immediately turn off the water supply to the water tank and call in a water tankexpert. They will diagnose the problem and decide whether the issue can be fixed or whether thehot water tank needs to be replaced.

If you observeany of the signs listed above, don’t wait for your storage hot water tank to cease functioning; call Super Standard Heating immediately for a quick fix of the issue to avoid getting caught in the cold.

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