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How To Know If Your Hot Water Tank Needs Repair?

Posted By : Super Standard | Posted Date : 13 February, 2022

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A hot water tank helps us daily with showers, cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc. What would you do if it doesn’t work properly? You’ll probably need a repair as using cold water can be tough for you. You can call a technician from Super Standard Heating for hot tank repair services. The professional will check the problem for you to find the source of the problem. The technicians will guide you with some important tips while using a hot water tank. In this blog, we will provide a few signs your hot water tank requires a repair.

A few indications your hot water tank needs a repair

1. Rust

When you notice rust on the tank’s exterior, it means there’s quite the possibility that there is rust inside it as well. Unfortunately, rust cannot be eliminated, hence you need to replace the tank. If you are experiencing rusty water from your hot water tank, corrosion might not be stemming from the unit but the pipes. If the water turns from rusty to clean, the pipes are the reason for the discoloured water.

2. Leaks

Leaks can be caused by the contraction of the metal when water is heated. Over time, the expansion and contraction process eventually leads to the formation of a fracture. If not sealed accurately, the tiny gap may turn into a large hole caused by a leaking pressure pipe, loose connections, or a faulty valve.

A leaking unit is a reason to opt for repair service. The longer you ignore it, the higher the risk of experiencing property damage like damp walls, mould, wet carpets, and further property damage that may cause unnecessary expenditure.

3. No hot water

Another reason to seek professional help is when a hot-water tank fails to heat the water. This problem might get triggered by setting the thermostat incorrectly to a much lower temperature.

4. Location of the tank

An indication the hot water tank might not work correctly is its location, as some homeowners place it outside the house. In such cases, cold temperatures are responsible for diminishing the heating ability of the tank.

5. Lifespan

A hot water tank has a limited lifespan. Thus, the signs of deterioration might indicate the end of its life. Your gas models need replacement after six years of use. Mainly, every model lasts less than ten years.

6. Noise

You can contact professional technicians if you hear strange noises coming from the unit since any sound is a sign of an issue. Usually, water heaters produce loud noises when they are unable to manage running water due to sediment buildup in the area.

Connecting with a professional team for hot water tank repair is important as they know how to deal with it. The team at Super Standard Heating is always available to serve the customers. They have years of experience in repair and installation services. Connect with them to know more about their services at affordable prices.

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