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How to Save Energy This Season – Duct Cleaning and More

Posted By : Super Standard | Posted Date : 22 February, 2022

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You may not have thought about and maintained the ducts installed in your home for a long time. But if you now feel that you are facing higher energy consumption issues in your home, the unclean, dirty ducts can be the culprit. Debris, dirt, dead insects and rodents, and similar other contaminants inside the air ducts have their impact upon the HVAC system installed for heating and cooling. The system needs to work harder to maintain the temperature, which results in higher energy bills. When people feel they are consuming higher energy in their homes, the unclean air ducts may be a factor in the higher bills.

How to Save Energy This Season - Duct Cleaning

So, instead of paying for such energy cost constantly, it is best to call for professional services of duct cleaning in Vancouver. They will make use of professional and advanced duct cleaning methods to clear out the debris and leave you with clean ducts.

Getting the ducts cleaned regularly is one of the possible ways you can save energy, as well as money used on energy bills. But there are several other simple ways you can follow for increasing energy savings in your home.

Utilize Free Air and Heat Wherever Possible

Homeowners having heating and cooling systems installed in their places depend largely on them. But it should also be recognized that windows are there, installed in their places too and they can be used to allow fresh air and regulate heat. In summers, opening up the windows for a cool breeze blowing outside would help save energy, rather than to use the HVAC system. Similarly, these windows can trap heat in the winters.

Heating and Cooling Rooms Wisely

Having a big home for a smaller family means you will only be using a few rooms and places inside on a daily basis. So, for seldom-used rooms and areas in your home, it is best to close off the vents, so that the HVAC system will only be working for rooms you use often. This will help in saving energy and will surely lower the energy bills.

Get the Window Insulation Checked

A lot of homeowners lose money in energy bills, as they do not deal with their poorly insulated windows. While the heating and cooling system is working on its part, heat or cold escapes out through the non-insulated windows. So, it is best to get the windows checked for proper insulation. If needed, it is better option to invest in window glass replacement than to continue paying for higher energy bills.

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