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Indications Your Furnace Needs Repair

Posted By : Super Standard | Posted Date : 12 February, 2018

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Your furnace keeps you warm in winter and protects you from cold. And if it breaks down, you scramble to get it fixed, as soon as possible, because the chilling cold begins penetrating your nerves and does not allow you to feel comfortable.

However, you can easily avoid such inconvenient situations by caring for your furnace system. What type of care? Timely maintenance, as mentioned in the manufacturer’s manuals, and identifying the warning signals telling you to call a furnace repair expert, before your machine stops working.

In this blog, we will discuss some warning signals indicating that you should call a repair expert.

The Flame’s Colour Changes

When everything is alright, the furnace burner produces blue flames. If the blue flames change to yellow flames, then it may be because of rusty pipes, water leaks, or soot streaks near the furnace, or any chimney related issues. So, you should call an expert to assess the furnace. Flickering flames also alert you to get your furnace inspected soon.

Bizarre Noises

Strange noises, such as banging, popping, squealing, and rattling indicate that everything is not right with your furnace. The blower or any other furnace parts may have problems.

An Untrustworthy Thermostat

If different rooms in your home have different temperatures, some rooms become hotter and some become cold, and you have to make frequent adjustments to your furnace’s thermostat, there is something wrong with the units.

The Expenses On Your Electricity Or Gas Bills Increase

If the electricity or gas bills increase, then it may be because your furnace has lost its efficiency. By noticing this quickly, you can save on your utility bill and get quality, efficient service from your furnace.

If you notice any of the above mentioned things happening, call a furnace repair professional immediately. We are a skilled, experienced team in Vancouver. If you notice any of the above mentioned issues, then please contact us for furnace repair Vancouver.

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