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7 Things That Deteriorate The Air Quality In Your Home

Posted By : Super Standard | Posted Date : 23 July, 2018

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Polluted indoor air in your home can make you and your family ill. Therefore, it is important you should take all measures to keep it clean. But, how will you take the rightsteps if you don’t know what all elements are making the indoor air unbreathable? To help you, we have provided below seven elements that pollute the indoor air in your home.


Air quality in your home very much depends on the ventilation system in your home. Where proper ventilation keeps the air quality good, improper ventilation deteriorates the air quality because the polluted air cannot go out completely and fresh air cannot enter the home in a sufficient quantity.


Dust deteriorates indoor air quality- it comprises dead skin cells, pollens, fibers, soil, and several other materials. The presence of dust in indoor air can cause respiratory allergies.

Synthetic Grooming Products

Synthetic grooming products like face powders, deodorants, and fragrances also deteriorate the air quality. They can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions.

Tobacco Smoke

If you or anybody in your family is accustomed to smoking, you should considerquitting or asking that person to stop smoking inside the home. In house smoking will make the inside air polluted. If you have improper ventilation system then inside smoking can make the inside air hazardous for non-smokers in your family.

Combustion Pollutants

Your gas stove, heater, and attached garages emit harmful gases like carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide that can deteriorate the air quality in your home. A proper ventilation system in your home can help you eliminate these gases.

Dirty Air Ducts

Air ducts attract dust, debris, pollens, and other pollutants. They stick to the air ducts and make their thick layers. Over time, if you don’t clean the air ducts, they make the inside environment dirty.


Glues, adhesives, nail polish, furniture, and mattresses release formaldehyde, a toxic gas that causes several health issues as irritation to eyes, nose, and throat and asthma.

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