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Five Reasons For Increased Electricity Consumption By Your Air-Conditioner

Posted By : Super Standard | Posted Date : 23 August, 2018

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Air-conditioners already consume a lot of electricity, and if you don’t care for them properly, they will consume more electricity. In this blog, we will discuss five potential reasons that can cause your AC bill to increase uncontrollably.

Reason #1:Dirty Air Filter

Air filters are meant to keep ducting, air handler, and indoor coil clean. They have a lifespan, and after that they need replacement. If you don’t change the air filters timely, then their efficiency will reduce. Debris build-up will occur and they will restricting air-flow instead of cleaning it. So, your air-conditioner system will need more time to cool the passing air. This will increase your electricity bills. We recommend you replace the air filter every six months.

Reason #2: Dirty Air Ducts

Like dirty air-filters, dirty air ducts also affect the efficiency of the air conditioner and add to your electricity bill. They not only increase your electricity bills but also make your family sick. Dirty air ducts spread respiratory allergies in the home. Unfortunately, if the debris buildup comes in contactwith moisture, this becomes the breeding ground for mold which makes the environment dirtier. Call an expert residential air duct cleaning professional once a year to have the air duct inspected and cleaned.

Reason #3: Duct Leaks

The ductwork is meant to spread the cool air across your home. The ductwork helps you create the desired cooling. Ductwork leaks reduce the efficiency, so you will have to run your air-conditioner at lowest possible temperature for extended periods of time – thiswill add to your electricity bills.

Reason #4: Failing Body Parts

Failing motors, compressor, and capacitors will increase the energy requirement of your air-conditioner. So, your electricity bill increase. Therefore, they need to be inspected and replaced if need be.

Reason #5:Low Refrigerant

If refrigerant in your air-conditioner is not working with its full capacity, then it will need more power to remove heat properly. Therefore, it will add to the electricity bill.

So, if you are paying more amounts for the same electricity usage, then it is time for you to have your air-conditioning system inspected, know the exact reason, and get it fixed.

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