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Get Your Dryer Vents Serviced

Posted By : Super Standard | Posted Date : 10 June, 2015

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Over time, dryer vents can become clogged up with lint and debris that will not only drastically reduce the dryer’s efficiency, but can become a very real fire hazard too. Dryer Vent cleaning is a very important aspect of your machine’s maintenance, as well as protecting your family’s safety.


A dryer’s vent system is comprised of a lint trap that funnels down to the dryer exhaust at the back and into a transition hose that vents lint filled air into the dryer vent. From there the vent takes air and lint from the dryer to the outside vent and exhaust. This can go through walls, or flooring and end up on a roof exhaust or on the side of the home. Every part of this system has the potential to become clogged and blocked with lint, thus the need to have the entire workings professionally serviced with dryer vent cleaning. A fire could break out at any point in this system and it is safe to say that a fire starting in the walls or under the floors would be a very bad thing and will have spread significantly before it is even detected.

Professional dryer vent cleaning is a guaranteed safe and cost effective way to prevent vents from becoming so clogged that they pose the threat of fire. Along with the safety benefits of dryer vent cleaning are the benefits to your dryer’s efficiency. Clothes will dry better and faster in a dryer that has free flowing air and vents, clogged vents cause laundry to require multiple or longer cycles to achieve a proper dry. The more times you have to turn the dryer back on, the more money you spend on energy bills.

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