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How Often Should You Clean Your Air Ducts?

Posted By : Super Standard | Posted Date : 9 September, 2020

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Most people don’t even think about air duct cleaning, believing their ducts to be clean enough. However, regular air duct cleaning is imperative because over time air ducts start collecting dust, debris, and pollens and become an abode for insects, rodents, and mold. Once they accumulate in your air ducts, every time you switch on your HVAC system, the air passing through the ducts carries these particles. Also, they reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system and they have to work harder to create proper cooling or heating in your home.

Air ducts are required to be cleaned every year. If your system is properly maintained and you replace the filters as they look dirty, you can delay air duct cleaning for almost a year. So, you can call a professional to clean your air ducts after two years. One more thing, you should get your air ducts air cleaned after you get your home renovated because home renovation produces a large amount of waste that your air duct attracts.

The best time to get your dirty air ducts cleaned is in the spring because you don’t use your HVAC system during this time. However, if your air ducts have become dirty, you should not wait for spring to come because dirty air ducts can make you and your family sick.

A question arises here, how can you identify if your air ducts have become dirty and you cannot wait for the time when you don’t need to use your HVAC system? There are several signs of a dirty air duct. You will not get a fresh smell when you return your home from somewhere. Your home will smell dusty or bad. Next, you will notice a continuous increase in your energy bills month after month because your air conditioner or furnace will not be able to create proper cool or heat in your home easily. They will have to work more to create the temperature you desired for. Moreover, you may not feel the same temperature everywhere in your home.

So, when did you get your air ducts cleaned last time? If it happened years ago, call an expert in air duct cleaning immediately to get your air ducts cleaned. Moreover, call an expert every year. However, if you get your home renovated anytime during the year, don’t wait for the year to complete.

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