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Prime Facts about Air Duct Cleaning You Should Know

Posted By : Super Standard | Posted Date : 9 October, 2017

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You can see and clean off the dust on the floors that is tracked in when a people visit your place, but it is not possible to see and clean the dirt and dust in the air which gets blown continuously through the installed air ducts. The heating and cooling systems installed in homes takes in the air of the home and circulates it to maintain the temperature inside the home, depending on the weather conditions. In between, air ducts installed get dirt and dust accumulated in them.

Air Duct Cleaning

Since they are mostly invisible to the homeowners, they are often left unclean for a very long time. Another common misconception amongst people is that these ducts do not need cleaning at all. How important it is to get the installed air ducts cleaned by professionals of duct cleaning in Vancouver?

Microbial Growth in Ducts and Need of Duct Cleaning

The importance of getting your ducts cleaned regularly can be seen in terms of health problems for the homeowners. During normal functioning of the HVAC system, accumulated dust inside the duct system leads to growth of microbes which will then flow into the air and pose health hazards. Regular duct cleaning services will prevent such microbial growth and even result in increased efficiency of the heating system.

Process of Duct Cleaning

The duct cleaning process requires experience and training and is therefore, best served by professional duct cleaners, with careful inspection of ducts through modern and advanced tools and equipment, opening up access panels to check for accumulated dirt, dust, cobwebs and even mold growth. Once these professionals have determined the hard-to-clean segments of air ducts, they will start the duct cleaning process to remove debris and collected dirt. Thorough cleaning of ducts, regularly, results in smoother operation of the heating system as well. If you find that the accumulated dirt is way beyond normal dirt build up, you should also check for the source of such pollutants.

Signs Which Call for Professional Duct Cleaning Services

The air ducts in your home needs to be well cleaned by professional duct cleaning services when you notice the following signs:

1. Mold and slime growth inside the air ducts
2. Excessive dirt build up, which has started to obstruct the air flow through the ducts
3. Dirt coming out of the openings when the HVAC system is turned on.
4. Insects and pests found near and inside the ductwork
5. Bad odors in the air, arising from the ducts
6. Illness of family members because of poor air quality

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