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Signs Your Boilers May Need Replacement

Posted By : Super Standard | Posted Date : 11 July, 2019

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The last thing any homeowner in Vancouver wants to experience in the winter is a boiler breakdown, especially when the temperature dips below zero. The chilling water scares them. They wake up at their usual time, but feel too lazy to get up because they are scared to touch the cold water. Besides, a broken-down boiler can result in frozen pipes that may burst at any time. You know, if the pipes burst, you will have to spend a significant amount on the repair.

Of course, you can prevent most of the issues with your boiler by paying attention to its maintenance, but you should also learn the signs that indicate your boiler has almost completed its shelf life and need to be replaced soon.

Here are some signs that indicate your boiler may need to be replaced soon.
Water Leaks

Water leaks are a visible trouble sign. However, the reason can be difficult to pin down without proper inspection, because the water may leak for many reasons. For example, a loose pipe connection and faulty pump seal or pressure valve. Instead of attempting to identify the cause yourself, you should call an expert in boiler repair. You should not delay in calling a boiler repair professional because the problem may not be as simple as you think. The water leak can cause severe damage to your property and result in mold infestations that can be an expensive problem to get on with.

Unusual Smells

Unusual smells coming from your boiler signals that there is something wrong with your boiler. The smell of burned plastic, metal or oil, indicates either the circuits or the elements have overheated. The smell of rotten eggs signals that gas is leaking from somewhere. In either of the conditions, you should switch off your boiler immediately and call a boiler repair professional. Remember, you should not switch on the boiler until it is inspected and fixed.

Unusual sounds

As time passes, your boiler may start making a variety of sounds when switched on, running, and turned off. Over time, users become so accustomed to these sounds that these sounds don’t seem that unusual at all. But, these strange sounds must not be taken for granted. A whistling sound denotes there is mineral build up on the heat exchange. Unattended, this can result in a serious problem with your boiler. A clicking sound indicates that its pilot light is faulty and may create gas issues. Likewise, your boiler produces many different sounds, and they all have specific meanings. You should not ignore them at all, because ignoring them will leave you with no option than going for boiler replacement and new boiler installation Vancouver.

No Hot Water

You invest your money in a boiler because you want hot water in winter. But, what if your boiler is unable to give you hot water? It will get you down. The reason for this malfunction is a faulty boiler part that can be anything from a broken valve, diaphragm or airlock, to the thermostat.

Less Hot Water

If the hot water does not seem as hot as it should be, there is an issue with your boiler. Maybe the dip tube has broken and that is allowing the unheated water to mix with the heated water. There is one more possibility, the sediment buildup may have blocked the heating unit. The worst-case scenario can be, the entire system has almost failed and needs replacement.

High Energy Bills

An unexpected rise in your energy bills after you switch on your boiler in winter also indicate a problem with your boiler. Call an expert in boiler repair and they will fix the issue or recommend that you buy a new boiler based on their diagnosis of your home appliance.

Boiler Automatically Turns Off

Your boiler may automatically switch off to stop it from overheating and melting components. Many boiler manufacturers add a built-in temperature sensor that turns the appliance off before the problem becomes dangerous. However, you should call an expert to check your boiler, whether it has that system or not. Also, a professional will take steps to avoid overheating. If they feel your boiler is almost finished, they will recommend that you think about a new boiler.

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