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Some Common Needs for Boiler Repair

Posted By : Super Standard | Posted Date : 12 October, 2020

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A boiler is a complex piece of equipment that offers significant advantages when it comes to keeping your home warm in harsh winters. The boiler is a highly durable device that tends to require very little maintenance. As compared to various other heating devices, such as furnaces, or heat pumps, boilers have fewer repair needs. When the small mechanical part that helps to heat the water gets damaged, then it is important to go with professional Boiler repair Burnaby. To prevent malfunctions of your boiler, you should keep it properly maintained. You can get boiler maintenance service from Super Standard Heating and Air duct Cleaning Ltd., so that your boiler remains at the peak of health.

Here are some common needs you can encounter for boiler repair:

  • Kettling in boilers

The most common problem of water boilers is kettling. If your boiler makes a sound of rumbling and banging while heating, then there is a need for boiler repair Burnaby. This loud banging comes from minerals that deposit causing changing pressure levels in the tank. If you do not repair the kettling boiler, then it could be a risk to your home, as it can lead it to spring a leak.

  • Expansion tank related repairs

When you see a boiler, you will notice a tank attached to the top of it. It is used to relieve the water pressure in the boiler. If the membrane of the tank gets damaged, then you need to see a technician who can solve this issue.

  • Leaking and Dripping troubles

This is the other major common issue one can face with boilers. It is an emergency call if your boiler starts leaking frequently. In this case, the boiler may be corroded from inside and needs a repair. However, it may also happen that a leak may come through a pressure relief or a valve pump. You can get help from Boiler repair Burnaby companies that will help you maintain the condition of the boiler.

  • No heat coming from boiler

When there is no heat coming from the boiler, then you should call in a Boiler Repair Company. Heating problems may be due to several issues, such as a broken pump, a broken thermostat, and many others causes.

So, schedule an appointment with Super Standard Heating and Air Duct Cleaning Ltd., as they can solve all your boiler issues.

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