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Three Boiler Maintenance Tips

Posted By : Super Standard | Posted Date : 18 November, 2018

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You can increase the efficiency and life of your boiler by ensuring its proper maintenance. A well-maintained boiler requires less fuel for running at full efficiency. As autumn is passing and winter is approaching fast, the time for using the boiler is coming closer with every passing day. So now is the time to inspect and fix your boiler, because using a faulty boiler may be fatal. Preventative maintenance will prevent them from breaking down during winter.

Here are three boiler maintenance tips for you:

Clean Air Vents and Flues

Cleaning air vents and flues is important to protect them from dust, dirt, and debris. Dirt, dust, and debris build-up will block the flow of the air. Therefore, your boiler will need to burn more fuel to create heat of the same quantity.

Flush Your Boiler

If the water in your area is hard, then you should flush your boiler water quarterly. Ignoring flushing will decrease the efficiency of your boiler. Your boiler will need more fuel to create the same amount of heat. Moreover, this will damage the components of your appliance and compel you to spend on the replacement of those components.

Take Care of Pipes

You should make sure the boiler pipes don’t freeze, because when they freeze, they create a pressure inside the boiler. To avoid their freezing, you should keep the heating on a bit every day. When you are going to be away from home, you should put the heating on a timer.

If your boiler does not check the water level automatically and maintain it automatically, you should take care of it.However, the good news is, advanced boilers maintain water levels automatically. Plus, you should call a boiler repair expert for boiler inspection once a year. They will inspect, clean, and maintain your boiler, which will increase its efficiency and life.

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