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When Should You Replace Your Boiler?

Posted By : Super Standard | Posted Date : 18 July, 2019

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Boilers lose their efficiency as they age. The average life of boilers is 17-18 years. So, once they get close to 15 years, you should start thinking about retiring them and using a new boiler in their place. The latest boiler models are more energy efficient. They will consume quite less fuel compared to your old boiler, thereby saving a good sum for you.

Remember, we don’t ask you to change your boiler immediately as it becomes 15. We asked you to start thinking about it. Now, the question is, how you can know when it is the best time to replace the boiler. Don’t worry. Below are some signs to help you.

Your boiler breaks down frequently despite you get it serviced before start using it.

Once a model becomes obsolete and its parts, too, your boiler repair technician has no other option than asking you to hold up until they get a replacement part, if it need be. Unfortunately, if they fail to get the replacement part, then you have no other option than replacing your boiler.

Your boiler has become noisy. It makes strange noises when it is started and while running. The central heating system of your boiler generally makes some sounds. That is not a concern, but when the noises become louder, and some additional noises also become audible such as vibration, banging, and humming, you should understand there is a fault with your boiler.

You experience an unpleasant smell around your boiler – the smell of a rotten egg. This is an indication that your boiler has a gas leak. You should immediately switch off your boiler and call an expert in boiler repair. Maybe you will have to change the boiler.

The flame of your boiler should be blue. If its colour has changed from blue to yellow, this is an indication that there is a problem with your boiler.

If you have to adjust the pressure of your boiler frequently, you should understand that your boiler has almost completed its life, and it is waste of money to go for its repair because that will not last long.

The best thing is, you don’t need to waste your valuable time in looking for an expert in boiler repairing and boiler installation in Vancouver because you have already found one. We have been more than 15 years old company and have done several thousand services. We can immediately tell you if you should invest in its repair or think about new boiler installation in Vancouver.

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