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Why Your Installed Air Ducts Need Regular Cleaning

Posted By : Super Standard | Posted Date : 11 July, 2017

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With the continuous use of the installed HVAC system, dirt and dust in the air inside the home gets pulled through the air ducts. Since these ducts do not have a number of open ends, dirt accumulates in them and homeowners may not realize that they need regular, professional services of duct cleaning in Vancouver. One reason why ducts get extremely dirty is the neglecting regular cleaning.

Air Ducts Need Regular Cleaning
A lot of people rarely check for years if their installed air ducts need to be professionally cleaned. The dirt hidden in air ducts cannot be seen, unlike other areas of the property. When the accumulated amount seems to affect the functioning of the heating and cooling system, homeowners call for reputable duct cleaning experts to get the job done.Getting the air ducts cleaned regularly by professionals, using advanced equipment, also ensures the good health of the family members.

What Makes Up the Dust in the Air Ducts?

There is not just one, but many reasons which cause dirt in the air ducts. Whether you know it or not, a certain amount of dust comes into your home everyday. On an average, a home including four to five rooms in Vancouver has 2 to 3 pounds of dust collected every month. As the installed HVAC system sucks in the heat from the interiors, dust and dirt are also taken along.

This quantity of dust piles up over time within the ducts and includes chemicals, pollens, dust from feet, mold, and much else. In extreme cases, excessive buildup of dust in the air ducts can even cause clogging. Thus, calling for professional air duct cleaners is a safe and useful step to be taken. They have the modern technology to remove and clean up dirt build up and ensure that the air inside your home is safe and healthy.

How Often Do Air Ducts Need Cleaning?

It is a common question asked by homeowners,of experienced duct cleaning professionals. People who understand the importance of getting the ducts cleaned want to know how often they should call for professional service to maintain optimum health and HVAC performance. Although the answer depends on individual needs and the surrounding environment, air ducts need to be cleaned once every year, as a general rule. Some properties will not have as much dust buildup as others. So, the ducts in these properties can be served with duct cleaning services less often. But it is important not to neglect calling for such services for too long, to ensure that you are enjoying clean air.

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